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Transforming teams from 

  • Conversations that need to happen but aren’t?

  • Mistrust causing good insights to go unexpressed?

  • Conflict and lack of clarity causing your team to be unproductive and divided?

What keeps your team from reaching its full potential?

Let me show you how leveraging the trusted framework of CoreClarity and Gallup’s CliftonStrenghts® assessment will help your team navigate conflict, enhance communication, and increase collaboration; bringing clarity and momentum to your goals, productivity, and profit.

Teams that have already benefitted from coreclarity

We start with the individual.

When each individual has clarity on who they are at their core, it leads to not only superior personal growth but also superior team growth.

Participants will explore how their talents affect the ways they connect with others, process information, motivate, and more through the CoreClarity framework.

*This workshop is a pre-requisite for the Team Dynamics Workshop.

Personal Discovery*

Our workshops


Workshop Includes:

5-6 hour workshop, open to anyone. Can be done in 1 day, or broken into 2 or 4 separate sessions. Virtual options are also available.

1 CliftonStrenghts® assessment access code per participant.

1 CoreClarity strengths profile based on the CliftonStrengths® assessment for each participant.

Participants will identify, understand and appreciate their individual talents and those of the other participants

With an understanding of who people are at an individual level through the Personal Discovery Workshop, we shift to focus on the team.

Participants will engage in actionable conversations and exercises around the strengths of the team. Discussions include potential blind spots, navigating conflict, improving communication, as well as applicable ways to begin capitalizing on the team’s unique competitive advantage.

After this workshop, you will be able to leverage the unique talent combinations on your team to increase productivity and maximize team strengths.

Team Dynamics


Our most requested program!

Workshop Includes:

5-6 hour workshop specified per team. Can be done in 1 day, or broken into 2 or 4 separate sessions.

1 team analysis, summarizing group talents as one.

Teams will learn to leverage their unique combination within the team and maximize group productivity.

Better strategic alignment​ across the whole team. Fully developed people working on highly engaged teams create a unique competitive advantage.

Workshop Pricing

Personal Discovery

+ $250 per person


+ $350 per person 

Best Value!


+ $150 per person

*call about my non-profit pricing

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"Jenn helped us realize the amount of unleashed potential on our team!"

"Jenn helped us realize the amount of unleashed potential sitting on our team. We were doing well as a company before Jenn’s workshops - now we are thriving! We identified strengths we weren’t tapping into, gaps we need to fill, and process changes we need to make. I’ve never been more excited about the direction we are headed in. Thank you, Jenn!"

- Jordan S. | Beavercreek, OH

President of OneTeam Marketing Solutions

"Our team did CoreClarity and loved it!"

“Our department team did CoreClarity with Jenn and loved it! She was relational and made the session very engaging. She was very knowledgeable about the content which helped our team learn more about ourselves individually, and from that how to best work together within our strengths.” 

- AMBER M. | Beavercreek, OH

Director of Volleyball Department, Athletes in Action

"I learned how my talents make our team better!"

"After participating in two workshops with Jenn, I have a greater appreciation for the different strengths in our team that work together to build something great. I learned more about how my communication and problem-solving talents make our team better!"

Matt W. |  Columbus, OH

Digital Ads Specialist

"I have a greater understanding of how my strengths ground me."

"Through the Personal Discovery and Team Dynamics workshops with Jenn, I have a greater understanding of how my strengths ground me and contribute to a positive team atmosphere. As a team, we learned that we need to slow down and be more intentional about our processes and new hires.” 

Leah B.  |  Independence, OR

Photographer & Graphic Designer

"The biggest value for me was making more meaningful connections with my colleagues."

“After participating in two workshops with Jenn, I have a greater understanding of what I need to do to create an optimal work-life for myself. I now know that working many hours alone allows me the space to think and learn so I can then give my best to my team afterward. Additionally, the biggest value for me as a virtual, out-of-state employee was making more meaningful connections with my colleagues."

Lizzie D.  |  St. Louis, MO

Executive Assistant