from insecure
and uncertain 
to confident and

Transforming Individuals

  • Feeling unfulfilled in your current job?

  • Lacking passion in your work?

  • Unsure of what you're truly good at?

  • Conflict in your workplace?

What keeps you from reaching your full potential?

Let me show you how leveraging the trusted framework of CoreClarity and Gallup’s CliftonStrenghts® assessment will help you understand your own intrinsic talents, what it means to turn those talents into strengths, and how to match your passions with your giftings, placing you in a job you love.

How will individual CoreClarity coaching benefit your life?

Dive deep into your unique combination of talents and figure out how to turn them into strengths.

Grow in your personal, professional, and leadership development.

Foster environments of effective communication and conflict resolution.

CoreClarity coaching can be a great step for learning how to take action on your unique set of Top 5 talents, whether personally, professionally, or both. CoreClarity coaching helps you:

Coaching sessions are available virtually or in person and can vary in length and frequency based on your needs.

1 CliftonStrengths® assessment access code

1 CoreClarity strengths profile

Specific coaching on how to use your unique talents and turn them into strengths

2 - 60 minute coaching sessions with Jenn

Access to Jenn via priority response email throughout the coaching relationship

Basic Package

Individual Coaching Packages



2 additional 60-minute coaching sessions with Jenn. (4 total)

Access to Jenn via priority response email after coaching is complete for future questions and exploration

Pro Package


Includes Everything in the basic Package, PLus:

2 additional 60-minute coaching sessions with Jenn (6 total)

Option for a spouse, friend, or family member to join 1-2 coaching sessions for further understanding of your unique talents

2 - 60 minute sessions of Enneagram coaching

20% discount on 1 future coaching packet, relationship coaching, or team workshop

Premium Package


Includes Everything in the pro package, plus:







*After purchase of coaching package, any additional coaching sessions are $250/each

*Call about my high school and college student discount

Individual Coaching Pricing

How to book a coaching package

schedule a FREE 30-minute discovery call

you deserve to reach your goals

Flourish individually and collectively


Let's connect about your desired goals for personal growth. No gimmicks. No committments.

No matter what you decide, I’ll do my best to help you come away from our call with a few next steps for your personal development.



schedule your free discovery call now

schedule your free discovery call now

Let's do this.

Together we'll plan a course of action for your coaching so you can gain confidence, clarity and momentum.

What would it feel like to live with confidence and determination? Would you quit the dead-end job you hate? Would you go after the promotion you've been nervous to apply for? Would you simply carry yourself differently?

Your goals are within your reach. Dream big. You deserve to thrive!

"I feel more confident in how to utilize my strengths"

“Working with Jenn for CoreClarity was an incredibly insightful experience. I learned new things about myself and made better sense of things I already knew. After working with Jenn I feel more confident in how to utilize my strengths and relate better to the people around me. The lessons I learned through the experience have truly been life-changing for me!”

Becky B.  |  xenia, OH

Pediatric Nurse, Dayton Children’s Hospital

"I am grateful for the time that I spent with Jenn learning more about myself."

"I thought I had a good idea of my strengths and weaknesses, but this training helped me see certain traits as benefits rather than traits I thought were not beneficial. I am very grateful for the time that I spent with Jenn learning more about myself. It was a fun process!"

TAMMY A.  |  Philadelphia, PA

3rd grade teacher

"She cheered me on while helping me to see areas for growth!

CoreClarity coaching with Jenn helped me to be excited regarding things about myself that I was frustrated with before. She cheered me on while helping me to see areas for growth. So much good can come from allowing others to use their unique strengths and valuing their uniqueness. 

Katie N.  |  Xenia, OH

Nursing Student