frustrated and
floundering to
focused and

Transform from 

Using the trusted framework of CoreClarity and Gallup’s CliftonStrengths®  (formerly StrengthsFinder) assessment.

Understand your intrinsic talents

Bring clarity and momentum to your goals

Reach your potential

There’s nothing more frustrating than feeling like you’re sitting on the sidelines of your life while others are accomplishing their goals and living out their dreams.

Have confidence in the strengths you bring to the table. 
Whether it’s in the home or the boardroom.

I’ve been there…

Stuck in a job you don’t love?
Discouraged by your circumstances?
Cornered in by a stay-at-home role?
Overwhelmed by your never-ending to-do list?
Struggling to understand where you fit in the world?

“The impact of understanding your strengths is Immeasurable. Everyone deserves to thrive in life.”

Hi! I'm Jenn.

I can honestly say that I love being a Type-B people-person who helps others slow down and live in the moment. I have learned how to thrive in my life and choose a career that ignites true passion inside me.

But I wasn’t always that way. I used to think there was something wrong with me. I wasn’t a task-oriented, Type-A person who loved doing all the things and accomplishing goal after goal. I didn’t see what I brought to the table; I only saw the things I lacked.

Then I was introduced to CoreClarity. For the first time, my talents were clearly defined. I saw how my empathy and positivity could be just as necessary on a team as achievement and discipline. I learned that if I could partner with someone who could fill in my gaps, and vice versa, we’d make a successful, well-rounded team. 

In short, CoreClarity changed my life. I went from uncertain, discouraged, and frustrated to confident, hopeful, and thriving. And I want to do everything I can to help you understand how unique and remarkable you are. After all, if we were all the same, life would be incredibly boring!

Jenn Grandlienard  |  Jenn Grand Consulting Founder

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Bring Clarity to Your Goals

Enhance Communication

Navigate Conflict

"I feel more confident in how to utilize my strengths"

“Working with Jenn for CoreClarity was an incredibly insightful experience. I learned new things about myself and made better sense of things I already knew. After working with Jenn I feel more confident in how to utilize my strengths and relate better to the people around me. The lessons I learned through the experience have truly been life-changing for me!”

Becky B.  |  xenia, OH

Pediatric Nurse, Dayton Children’s Hospital

"I am grateful for the time that I spent with Jenn learning more about myself."

"I thought I had a good idea of my strengths and weaknesses, but this training helped me see certain traits as benefits rather than traits I thought were not beneficial. I am very grateful for the time that I spent with Jenn learning more about myself. It was a fun process!"

TAMMY A.  |  Philadelphia, PA

3rd grade teacher

"She cheered me on while helping me to see areas for growth!

CoreClarity coaching with Jenn helped me to be excited regarding things about myself that I was frustrated with before. She cheered me on while helping me to see areas for growth. So much good can come from allowing others to use their unique strengths and valuing their uniqueness. 

Katie N.  |  Xenia, OH

Nursing Student

Dive deep into your unique combination of talents and figure out how to turn them into strengths.

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Let's break it down...

Individual Coaching

Grow in your personal, professional, and leadership development.

Foster environments of effective communication and conflict resolution.

When each individual has clarity on who they are at their core, it leads to not only superior personal growth but also superior relational growth

Relationship Coaching

Participants will explore how their talents affect the ways they connect with their spouse, process information, motivate, and more through the CoreClarity framework

Let’s take the guesswork out of teamwork!

Team workshops

Using your team’s results from the CliftonStrengths Assessment, our virtual or in-person workshops are tailored to your unique situation and will help your team begin working towards its full potential.

Wondering how CoreClarity can benefit your life or team?

3 Steps to a focused and flourishing life

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Flourish individually and collectively


Let’s connect about your individual or team’s specific needs. No gimmicks. No commitments. 

No matter what you decide, I’ll do my best to help you come away from our discovery call with some next steps for you and/or your team.


You deserve to reach your goals. Together we’ll define them and plan them out so you can confidently go reach them. 


What would it look like to live confidently and reach your goals?  Would your company be back in the black? Would you go after that promotion you’ve been nervous to apply for? Would you and your significant other experience more laughter and less conflict?

Your goals are within your reach. Dream big. You deserve to thrive!

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Stop simply surviving your life. Say YES to a thriving, empowered life where you KNOW your worth and REACH your goals!